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(505) 883-7222

All staff can be reached by calling the main number listed above. You may then enter the 5-digit extension to reach your party. 

Activities Director
Contact Elizabeth Gonzales  Elizabeth Gonzales ex: 43087 Activities Director
Athletic Director
Contact Thomas Herndon  Thomas Herndon ex: 43020 Athletics Director
Contact Kateri Chino  Kateri Chino Volleyball Coach
Contact David Gonzales  David Gonzales ex: 43236 Girls Basketball/PE Coach
Contact Hitomi Gray  Hitomi Gray Swimming Coach
Contact Drew Kexel  Drew Kexel Girl's Soccer Coach
Contact Renee Kexel  Renee Kexel (505) 385-5352 Girls Track Coach
Contact Bruce Langston  Bruce Langston ex: 43410 Head Football Coach
Contact Leandro Lovoto  Leandro Lovoto ex: 43235 Baseball Coach
Contact Jeron Mcintosh  Jeron Mcintosh ex: 43222 Boys Basketball Coach/ Girls Tennis Coach / PE Teacher
Contact Fred Polich  Fred Polich ex: 43233 Boys Track & Cross Country Coach
Contact Dan Sparago  Dan Sparago ex: 43005 Wrestling Coach/PE
Contact Clay Szenasi  Clay Szenasi ex: 43027 Academic Couselor (K-Z)/Boy's Soccer
Contact Lynne Cuellar  Lynne Cuellar ex: 43025 Academic Counselor GB-M
Contact Stacy Lindsay  Stacy Lindsay ex: 43148 College & Career Readiness Counselor
Contact Kathleen Nelson  Kathleen Nelson (505) 883-7222 ex: 43024 Counseling Secretary
Contact Clay Szenasi  Clay Szenasi ex: 43027 Academic Couselor (K-Z)/Boy's Soccer
Food & Nutrition Services
Contact Concepcion Halas  Concepcion Halas Cafeteria Manager
Instructional Coach
Contact Angela Littleton  Angela Littleton ex: 43162 Interpreter
Contact Celia McCrossen-Klaus  Celia McCrossen-Klaus ex: 43162 Interpreter
Contact Janet Riley  Janet Riley ex: 43162 Interpreter
Contact Michelle Trujillo  Michelle Trujillo ex: 43162 Interpreter
Contact Lisa Herndon  Lisa Herndon ex: 43155 Libraian
Nurses Office
Contact Karyn Brandeberry-Domme  Karyn Brandeberry-Domme ex: 43009 School Nurse
Contact Maria Jensen  Maria Jensen ex: 43023 Health Assistant
Office Staff
Contact Marisa Baca  Marisa Baca ex: 43006 Attendance Clerk
Contact Stephanie Gaco  Stephanie Gaco ex: 43021 Registrar
Contact Cindy Gutierrez  Cindy Gutierrez ex: 43022 Bookkeeper
Contact Tamara Montoya  Tamara Montoya ex: 43000 Front Desk
Administration secretary
Contact Rebecca Bejcek  Rebecca Bejcek ex: 43003 Admin Secretary
Contact Chris Marquez  Chris Marquez ex: 43089 / 43091 APS Police / Campus Security
Social Workers
Contact Max Ortiz-concha  Max Ortiz-concha ex: 43152 Social Worker
Contact Shelly Stoltenberg  Shelly Stoltenberg ex: 43125 Social Worker
Testing/Tech Coordinator
Contact Aaron Armijo  Aaron Armijo Technology Coordinator/Testing Coordinator
Contact Angelica Regino  Angelica Regino ex: 43015 Truancy Counselor