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Student Safety from Principal Bortot
Posted 9/6/19

Dear Del Norte Parents,

Our priority at Del Norte High School is keeping our students safe. We are asking for your assistance with our ID policy and dress code policy. Parents please help ensure this policy as this helps keep our campus safe by allowing us to identify all 1200. We are also asking to help ensure our Dress Code Policy as well. You will find these policies in the student handbook to which your child has a copy and we are providing them in the letter of this e-mail-The following is the Del Norte and APS ID and dress code policy:

All staff and students are required to “prominently” display the DEL NORTE H.S. identification (ID) badge at all times while on campus. 

Student Identification badges will be provided to every student. Just as a driver’s license authorizes driving a vehicle, a student ID badge authorizes a student to be on campus. EVERY student must wear his or her ID at all times while on school grounds. Administration and teachers try very hard to be familiar with all of their students. Therefore, it is crucial that we are able to identify everyone on campus. Identification of staff and students is a safety issue and will not be compromised when it comes to the safety of students and staff. ID badges help us in identifying students as well as trespassers. 

How do I obtain an ID Badge? ID Badges will be issued through English courses when they become available. 


What if I lose or misplace my ID? If you have lost or misplaced your ID, please go to the Student Success Center to obtain a temporary ID and information on obtaining a replacement. 


Consequences for students not having your ID: 1st incident- Warning & Replacement 2nd incident- Warning & Replacement 3 or more incidences- Progressive discipline- Lunch Detention and Parent Contact*** 


All year, students must wear their current year ID in order to: PARTICIPATE IN CAMPUS LIFE ACTIVITIES (ATHLETIC EVENTS, HOMECOMING, PROM, ETC.) 

• Be on campus! 

• Access free lunch and breakfast for ALL students 

• Access the media center including checking out books 

• Utilize off campus lunch privileges (Seniors Only), early dismissal/late arrival, CEC 

• Pay discounted rates at APS Athletic Events and DNHS Activities 

• Obtain early dismissal / late arrival 


Dress Code

Standards of Dress:

Students at Del Norte observe standards of dress that are appropriate for the best possible educational experience.  Students and their parents/guardians may determine personal appearance and dress except where such dress or appearance presents a health or safety hazard, a violation of city or state law, or a disruption to the educational environment.

Del Norte student’s dress is expected to be neat, clean and appropriate, both at school and at school-related activities.  

Student ID’s must be worn at all times.

No highly distractive or altered clothing, such as, but not limited to, torn or shredded jeans or shirts; tank tops must have at least a 1 1/2” strap; halter tops, tube tops, off-the- shoulder or low-cut clothing; see-through clothing; tight or short shorts or skirts; bike shorts; bare midriffs; metal belt buckles with any initials; belts hanging longer than two inches from the fastener.  Pants cannot be sagging to the point that they allow undergarments to be visible to sight.

  • No pajamas or slippers except on designated spirit days.

  • No skin showing between the bottom of a shirt/blouse and the top of pants or skirts.  

  • All attire must be as long as an extended arm and fist when standing up straight.

  • No clothing/jewelry/tattoos displaying gang, drug or alcohol-related wording, pictures or insignias, or profane, vulgar, sexually suggestive or abusive/violent or otherwise    inappropriate language / symbols / graphics.

  • No clothing in “uniform colors” or with symbolism and/or insignias which suggest illicit behavior, gang affiliation, harassment or abuse.  

  • If the staff and administration feel that clothing identifying groups or gangs causes disruption at school, or causes personal danger to the wearer, that person or persons directly responsible will not be allowed to wear said clothing.  Disrespect or bigotry toward any group is not acceptable. 

  • No headgear of any kind, e.g. bandanas, sweat bands, hairnets, etc., or sunglasses in any building, with the exception of after-school, district-sponsored athletic events in the gym. Hats/Caps must be worn with bill facing forward.

  • No spiked jewelry, belts, bands, or chains.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. 

  • No clothing bearing the names and insignias of any other team or group that is deemed gang related.  No “In Memory of “ shirts. Anything gang related, as per the APS student Behavior Handbook, will not be tolerated.

  • Any clothing or accessory, which is deemed inappropriate, distracting or impeding the educational process, will result in a directive to immediately cover or remove clothing item or accessory.

  • Anything gang related as per the APS student Behavior Handbook will not be tolerated.

  • Consequences for violating the student dress standards are addressed in the Knight Code.


As a rule of thumb, follow the rule of the 4 B’s and a C:  No bellies, no butts; no bra straps; no boxers; and no cleavage.  If these are showing, you are out of dress code!  


We thank you for helping and assisting us with ensuring these policies in order to maintain and keep a healthy and safe campus environment 

Together we are a community and we thank you for your continued support and partnership


Eddie Bortot-