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IMPORTANT - Del Norte School Community - REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!
Posted 7/13/20

Dear Del Norte School Community,

  • Registration is open! Please take time to log into your ParentVUE account and register your child for the 2020-2021 school year at Del Norte High School! This process can usually be completed online. Please get started with this as soon as possible. Our counselors can start schduling your child to the appropriate classes. Remember, even if you were at Del Norte High School last year, the registration is not automatic. You still need to complete the online registration every year, and update information for every child. If you have questions about the enrollment process or required documentation, please email Stephanie Gaco, our Registrar, and she can help you at




  • Starting July 13th, we will be available to help with anything, but due to public health concerns, our office and school buildings are not open for visitors to come inside at this time. We are working with a limited office staff on a rotating schedule to follow social-distancing guidelines. Please email Rebecca Bejcek at

or call our office at 505-883-7222 ext 43003 M-F between 8:00 and 2:00 PM, and we can answer any questions you have.  If we do not get to the phone, please leave a message (do not use the attendance line for this, just wait for the tone) and we will call you back as soon as possible. If you do need to come in person to bring documents, etc., please be sure to wear a mask or face-covering, and call the front desk when you arrive. We will come outside to meet you, (we wear masks, too) and help you in the safest way possible. Otherwise, we can conduct nearly all business remotely through telephone, email, or electronic uploads.  We will update our protocols and procedures as the public health situation evolves, so please be flexible with us as this information may again change.


  • APS re-entry plans will be announced soon. I know many of you have seen the re-entry guidelines from the New Mexico Public Education Department, and APS has had multiple teams of educators working to address all the different concerns and possibilities we may face when we return, and have been considering multiple models of how instruction will look for our kids. What we know now is that it will not likely be “normal” any time soon. APS expects to release the District’s finalized and approved plans to Principals by the end of July. We will follow whatever guidance and expectations are given to us at Del Norte High School. I know we will be ready for anything. We have been planning with our Instructional Council as well, and we will be able to adapt quickly to the District’s mandates when they come in.  I understand it is an anxious time, especially as the public health situation seems to be changing rapidly, and the District’s plans are not yet available, but I am confident that we will do everything possible to create the safest and most enriching educational experience possible for our students and school community. As soon as Del Norte HS has final clarification from APS about our role, process, and learning model, we will certainly let everybody know. If you have any specific questions or concerns you would like to discuss with me, please email me directly at

and I will get back to you as soon as possible, usually in the same day.